Advantages of Invisalign

Everyone dreams of having a straight, beautiful smile. Unfortunately, many people suffer from having misaligned or crooked teeth. The embarrassment of having to hide your smile not only impacts your self-esteem and dental health but can also change how others interact with you. It used to be the only way to straighten teeth was through traditional metal braces that while effective, are fairly visible. That visibility often prevents adults from pursuing orthodontic treatment. Thankfully, there is a more subtle way to straighten your teeth: Invisalign. The benefits of choosing the Invisalign system over traditional metal braces or retainers have many people finally taking the first step towards a smile they can be confident with. Here are just a few of the many advantages of Invisalign.

Practically Invisible

The appearance of metal braces is typically what stops people from seeking help with their crooked teeth. Traditional braces are effective at producing beautiful smiles but are extremely visible. Professionals and those who are in careers that require a particular dress-code may feel as though their braces will not quite put out the vibe they want. And of course, others feel braces make you look ‘dorky’, or like you should be in middle school again. And while looking younger isn’t always a bad thing, the benefits of the Invisalign system is that it is practically invisible. In fact, most people wouldn’t ever know that you are wearing them. Patients that choose Invisalign report that they can go about their day without anyone even suspecting that they are wearing anything on their teeth.

No Surprises

With Invisalign, you know what you are getting from the very start. Everything is computerized, planned with you in mind. Your treatment plan is scheduled ahead of time and can be a little more predictable in terms of length of treatment than with traditional metal braces. The virtual computerized outcomes provided by Coeur d’Alene Dental Center can not only help you see in real time how long your treatment will take but will also allow you to see the end from the beginning and just how impressive your new smile will be. This has been a great advancement in the orthodontic and dental world and one that has Invisalign patients grinning from ear to ear.


Traditional metal braces are bonded directly to your teeth and for some it is fortunate they cannot be removed. However, others consider this a disadvantage in that they cannot be removed to eat, sleep, or brush teeth. This can lead to hours of flossing or very careful and slow eating. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, are entirely removable. If you wish to eat something that would be difficult with braces, simply remove the aligners yourself and put them back on when you are done eating your favorite morsel. Of course, you want to make sure you brush your teeth prior to placing the aligners back in your mouth. But the lack of eating restrictions with the Invisalign approach has many patients smacking their lips.

More Hygienic

One of the biggest complaints regarding traditional metal braces includes the sometime frustrating reality of getting food and debris getting caught between the braces and the wires. While they make specialized brushes to reach around the wire and metal, cleaning around traditional braces is somewhat more time consuming than with clear removable aligners. Any food that is left around traditional braces can begin to decompose and smell, leaving you with terribly breath and a bad taste in your mouth. Not to mention the white spots and decay that can result. Invisalign however can be easily removed so you can clean your teeth with the greatest of ease, just as you would if you didn’t have braces. Simply remove your aligners and brush and floss as needed. Your aligners can be cleaned as well, preventing bad breath, and protecting your tooth enamel.

Less Painful

With traditional metal braces, you will have, from time to time, pokey wires that bother your cheeks. In time your cheeks will toughen up and this problem goes away. However, with the Invisalign system, pokey wires are a non-issue. And you never have to worry about breaking one of the braces off. This further reduces the odds of having orthodontic treatment be a pain in your cheek. Additionally, with Invisalign’s smooth surface many patients report a nearly pain-free experience.

Shorter Treatment Duration

Metal braces like Invisalign are often a multi-year commitment for many patients. With Metal braces however regular appointments need to be followed through with to maintain, tighten, and replace lost or damaged orthodontic hardware. And while traditional metal braces provide great smiles, Invisalign’s treatment can be slightly faster and still produce those radiant smiles. Of course, as with all orthodontic treatment, you will want to consult with your orthodontist to talk about what your personalized plan would look like and how long it would take. But we are seeing Invisalign outcomes that are very impressive in a little shorter time frame than with traditional braces.

Decrease the Risk of Chipping or Cracking

If you have misaligned or crooked teeth, your risk of cracking or chipping a tooth is increased. This is especially true for those who tend to grind or clench their teeth when they sleep at night. With Invisalign, you are protecting your teeth from the detrimental effects of uneven chewing and clenching. With a straighter smile, you will notice a big difference in how you chew, protecting your teeth from further damage.

If you are ready to make an appointment to try Invisalign, contact Coeur d’Alene Dental Center for a consultation. Our dentists can make a personalized recommendation for a treatment plan that can get you the straight smile you have always dreamed of.